Should I apply for exceptional Talent or Promise?

Hello, I discovered this group recently and have enjoyed the engagement and the level of mutual support. I am currently applying for the Tech nation recommendation and not quite sure of the routes to pursue. In fact, I had chosen the ‘promise’ route when I paid my fees, but now not sure if I should continue in this route or switch to Talent.

Are there any implications if I change the route quoted on the the payment receipt?

As a back story, I hold a UK Masters and have over 14 years of experience in the project management and business development in legacy sectors - Telecoms and Energy (Outside and within the UK). I am currently in full time employment in the UK but want to switch to global talent visa to give me the flexibility of running my pre revenue tech start up founded (registered) in 2021 and became operational in 2022. Given the start up has been in Stealth mode, I have not really done so much in public appearance, awards etc as I still have my 9 - 5.

In this situation, it appears my options of referees are limited as I have not really worked in a full product led companies and and as such do not have potential referees that could allude to my work - as this is non-existent.

What chance do I stand if my recommenders are not from the product led tech ecosystem?

What level of relationship could pass for a good recommender?

Any insights will be appreciated.

What chance do I stand if my recommenders are not from the product led tech ecosystem

Sorry, you stand no chance if they are not product led… It must be product led digital technology companies.

If I decide not to proceed with this application until much later. Would I be able to ask for the refund of £400 I already paid as application fee? I am running out of the 15 days window.

I do not think you would get a refund, i will advice you out in your application regardless since you paid.

Give a try instead of wasting the money , since you there in UK you have chance of getting through.
Just organize the evidence which ever you have and submit it.