[September] Stage 1 Endorsement Applications status

Hello All
I applied for Stage1 endorsement for GTV on Sep 25 2021.
All those who applied in the month of September and awaiting for the endorsements. Do share your experience here. It would help others. Thanks.

Hey , I applied on the 4th September and i’m still waiting for feedback from TN

I have heard that on average response times can vary from 3-4 weeks to get a decision . Some have gotten a response a lot sooner though !

Hey @mohammed_carrim could you please add a link how to apply. I have gathered all the documents.

@mohammed_carrim That is correct. All the very best. Keep us posted if you receive any update.

@Shiva_Nandan https://tech-nation-visa.smapply.io/prog/
Before you apply you need to make an applicaiton and make the payment in gov.uk

My application got rejected.
Best part is the result took less than 4 days. So I can move on to plan B.

They gave a reason. Should work
Around. But not very hopeful. As they rejected in 2 categories.

You can get rejected in all categories and still be successful. If you think the feedback is not reflective of the evidence you submitted then you should appeal.

Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu

@raghunc sorry to hear that your application got rejected. I am sure you will be able to get this done. May we know the rejected reasons so those who are planning to apply can just get an idea?

Hello All,

A brief history on my journey

Applied for Stage 1 : May 10 2021
Rejected : June 8 2021
Appealed :June 9 2021
Rejected : June 23 2021

I came across this forum in July and constantly read through all the threads

Fresh Stage 1 application : September 14 2021
Endorsed: October 4 2021

Preparing for Stage 2 application now.


congratulations. What did you do differently from your initial application?

Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu. Honestly my initial application was complex as I had lot of evidence merged within the 3 page limit and most of them were not related.

For my new application,I took my time and kept it simple ie one evidence per 3 page limit. Even though most of my documents were not up to 3 pages but most importantly, I provided context to all the evidence I provided.
I reworked my personal statement to be a summary of my application and for my cv, I included other achievements, awards and activities which I couldn’t capture.


Congratulations again. For me, i think the entire process helps you document your career journey, which most of of us hardly do. It also helps you appreciate how far you have done and see the bigger picture. All the best with your relocation to the UK.

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I totally agree with you. We have done so much in our careers and community which we never document but after going through this process, I have learnt to document everything especially engagements outside my day to day job no matter how little it may seem.
Thanks again.

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@Ravindu_Jayalath Sorry for the late reply.
I was over-confident on my application :stuck_out_tongue:
Got dejected when it was rejected and took few weeks off to rethink on it.
Here is the detailed notes if it helps you or others:

Filed on Sep 25 & result hardly took less than 3 days. (That’s the good part).
Out of 3 sections, one is mandatory & 2 optional.
They rejected in 2 sections (mandatory & one optional & cleared in another optional).

Reason under mandatory category:

  1. No awards or rewards
  2. Technical papers does not has citations (they do I did not capture it but citations less than 20 may not care much).
    Although they agreed that the salary is higher side & recommendation alone won’t help (kinda mentioned).

I added the additional reference letters but they did not care about it much. I included on growth of non profit & business dev work. They did not care much.

For optional - product traction not mentioned & multiple product innovations needed.
The same is mentioned in the recommendation letter but looks they did not refer it up.
The product is not a single product. It is a suite of products.

Appeal may not really help me. As I don’t have any awards & I cannot add new info, but I tried putting my point and sent the filled review form over email.

Thanks every one for help.

@raghunc hank you for your feedback and all the best for your appeal

Congratulations to you. I’m glad you took a bold step to apply again following the relevant Information gathered from this forum.

All the best as you prepare to move to the UK.

This is apt! TechNation made me appreciate the value of my digital footprints and the importance of documenting my works in the field. It has subsequently spurred me to even do more, in preparation for relevant future opportunities.

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Hi Dear Community,

I wonder if there is anyone there who got response for his or her endorsement in last days.

Please kindly share your application dates and response dates. I am on waiting status for the response. Your date infos will help me and people like me to guess about our applications’ status.

I have applied to gov.uk at 28th of September
I have uploaded and applied to Technation.io at 17th of October.
I am still waiting for the response.


You submitted a week ago. Recently most people get an outcome within few days up to three weeks in some cases.

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