Sending Recommenders LinkedIn instead of CV?


I remember reading that it is ok to send the recommenders LinkedIn profile link instead of attaching a CV with the recommendation.

I thought this was mentioned in the Tech Nation Visa Guide somewhere. However I cannot find it there at this time or maybe I am not searching for the correct words.

Can someone please share where it says it is ok to share recommenders LinkedIn Profile instead of CV?

I had added recommenders LinkedIn link and also screenshot of their LinkedIn profile page

@moorjaniajay Congrats on getting the visa approved.

How did you combine the two?

The Recommendation Letter and the LinkedIn profile page screenshot and the link?

Did you create a PDF of Recommendation Letter, PDF of profile page screenshot and add those two together?

I would really appreciate it if you could share exactly what you did with them. Thank You!

Yes I created a PDF and combined recommendation letter + Link + screenshot

I had shared only Linkedin URL in the LOR and it worked.

Thank you @moorjaniajay @s_6032