Send documents by email

I have paid the fees on the website for stage 1. After payment its says I need to send documents by email (please see attached).Is this an additional step because I have submitted my documents on the Tech Nation website?

Hi @muditash,

It seems to me (I have not seen it before) that Home Office indeed expect you to also send documents by email in addition to what you have uploaded on the Portal.

Just to be safe, I would follow the instructions and send your documents to the email as well.


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Hi Mudita @muditash

As part of Stage-1 payment process on the UKVI website, every Tech Nation applicant gets this page, I did too.

For Tech Nation process (I am certain of this, till as recent as, last month) there is NO NEED to mail any documents to the Home Office. I think this used to the be the case, till a couple of years ago.

You can cross-check this in Step-3 “Documents” of your attached screenshot. In that step, they simply advise you to just complete the application on the Tech Nation website and upload the requested information (also a Stage 1 process)

After you “Save and Continue” and complete the balance steps - 4. Declaration and 5. Pay, you will get the summary that you have shared in the screenshot, a UAN and Payment Reference which will help you start the application on the Tech Nation website.

Hope this helps.

All the best

Thanks @deepak.

I sent the documents to homeoffice yesterday confirming the documents have been send to Tech Nation as well. I thought its better to send the documents as I was unsure about it. Haven’t received any response though.

Just waiting for the decision now.

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Ah very well, Mudita @muditash
All the best for your endorsement decision. Fingers crossed.

Thanks very much @deepak

Hi muditash,
Trust you are well. Did you finally got your endorsement?

Hi Kevin, Yes I have.