Seeking support for Applying to Global Talent visa still open or close?

Hi I am working into AI/ML tech startup at scale to boosts digital economies and seeking support for this Global Talent visa! but is TechNation still accepting applications for Endorsement as it’s seizing closure on 31 March and how likely is the endorsement yes or no this month. The Alumni here can please clarify and help us if it’s still open and assist me here via.

@karrystewart yes they are still accepting applications.


Thanks for clarifying is the letter of recommendation be completely technical or generic would be fine when given by ceo of other company. Ceo’s can’t write too lengthy letter of 2/3 pages when asked they can give one page letter with our expertise is it okay???

You may find this announcement from Tech Nation helpful:

What is not clear to me is if there is any risk at all if we are not able to submit before March 31 until which they are definitely accepting new applications. In other words, should I absolutely try submitting before March 31 even is that means i compromise on quality a little bit say 80 to 90% of my best possible application.

Does anyone have any views on this?

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@karrystewart All your letters need to be specific and speak about your contributions. People have been rejected for template-like and generic letters.

Tech nation will still be accepting applications.


@May should the letter be saying as my contribution to recommenders company or if recommender writing how i contributing in technology and built a tech startup

I think the 5 fundamental questions to be addressed by recommenders are on the Tech Nation guide.

Each letter must:

  • Be about your Global Talent application - you cannot use a letter that was written for another reason
  • Explain how the author knows the applicant; and
  • Knows the applicant’s achievements in the relevant field; and
  • How the author considers the applicant shows exceptional talent or promise; and
  • the contribution the applicant would make to the UK digital economy.

How they choose to do is really up to how you guide them through.

This is the same for your personal statement where you can even quote your recommenders if you choose.

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