Seeking Guidance on My Stage 1 Application for the UK Global Talent Visa

Professional Experience:
I am planning to apply for the UK Global Talent Visa as a leader in technology. With 10 years of experience in software engineering, focusing on frontend engineering in the past 5-6 years, I have held senior and lead engineer roles in four different companies, including product-led and a pharma company. My contributions have been crucial in developing and enhancing the core functionalities of their products.

Evidence for Mandatory Criteria:

  • NPM Packages: Developed 7 npm packages with around 110k downloads and 50 GitHub stars in total. One package inspired by a popular StackOverflow answer.
  • Publications: Published 4 articles on Hackernoon, with one featured as a top story. Regular contributions to my Hashnode blog.
  • Salary: Demonstrating a high salary in my country as a testament to my skills and leadership.


  • Is my package with significant StackOverflow attention sufficient for the Mandatory Criteria?
  • Are the Hackernoon articles substantial enough for this criteria?
  • Should I include my personal blog contributions?
  • Can I break down my NPM packages and articles into 2-3 different pieces of evidence?

Evidence for Optional Criteria 2:

  • My GitHub profile showcasing contributions to notable public repositories.
  • StackOverflow profile with over 10k reputation.
  • Considering adding a leadership article.

Evidence for Optional Criteria 3:

  • Documenting core contributions to major projects.
  • Reference to recommendation letters highlighting my impact.
  • Possible inclusion of product design and architecture diagrams.

New Startup Venture:
Recently co-founded a Shopify-based startup (Product-led startup), raising about 15k. Not registered yet, but can provide transaction details.


  • Where can I put this evidence, and what is the best way to represent it?

Personal Background and Eligibility:
I was born in the UK around 1990 but currently do not hold a British passport. I have an NHS number and am wondering about my eligibility for this visa and the health surcharge payment requirement.

Seeking Advice:
I am looking for feedback on the strength of my application, especially concerning the overlapping nature of some evidence, and the possibility of breaking some of them down into separate pieces. Additionally, any insights on my eligibility and health surcharge concerns would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your guidance and insights!

@alexnk @Francisca_Chiedu

Following up on my previous post, I have a few more questions regarding the application process, particularly focusing on the OC3 criteria. I am curious about the letter from an employer. Is it expected that the employer should have an extensive background in their field, similar to what’s required from individuals writing the main recommendation letters? Would attaching the employer’s professional resume or LinkedIn profile be advisable for substantiating their credibility?

Additionally, I have concerns about document translation. For documents not originally in English, like employment contracts, is it necessary to use a certified translation service, or is self-translation acceptable?

Lastly, I’m wondering about the impact of the recency of publications on my application. My articles on Hackernoon are less than two months old. Does this short time frame affect the perceived strength of my overall profile in the digital technology field?

Any guidance or insights on these matters would be greatly appreciated. Your advice is invaluable to me as I navigate through this process.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

The guide states " Authorised English translations must be provided for all documents which are not originally written in English." Seems like you need to have official translations