Seeking feedback on my Exceptional Talent application

Hey there,

I’m excited to share my plans to apply for the Global Talent Visa under the ‘Exceptional Talent’ category. As I prepare my application, I would love to get your honest feedback on my profile.

To showcase my exceptional talent, I have curated a set of five evidences for MC, three for OC 1, and two for OC 3. I would love to know your thoughts on this breakdown.

Firstly, for MC Evidence 1, I’m demonstrating my history of impressive earnings. I’m curious to know if there is a benchmark to qualify earnings as impressive. For now, I’ve compared my earnings as a Marketing Leader in Fintech with the minimum salary shown by Michael Page’s most recent salary guide and proved that I exceed the benchmark. Would this suffice? Also, due to the 3-page limit per evidence, I’m thinking of providing the two most recent letters I received from my employer to showcase my earnings history. Would that be alright?

Moving to MC Evidence 2, I’m proud to have won a 40 under 40 marketing and advertising award for my efforts in fintech. Although it’s not necessarily a Tech award, I believe it still holds value as it highlights my work in fintech. The award also mentions my role beyond fintech. Would this still count? Additionally, my bank in India is known for its focus on digital banking and fintech, and in one of my performance letters, the bank has referred to itself as a digital bank. Would this qualify as a technology-based product company?

For MC Evidence 3, I’m planning to highlight my contributions and achievements as a senior marketing leader leading digital product marketing at a bank. I will provide a supporting letter from one of my colleagues. Do you think this would work?

In MC Evidence 4, I’m proud to have been featured in a prominent media publication for building an edtech startup. I’m wondering if this counts as “Published material in professional or major trade publications or major media about the applicant related to the applicant’s work in the digital technology sector.” Does it need to be an article that I authored and published in a media publication, or can a feature on me by a journalist in a media publication suffice?

Lastly, in MC Evidence 5, I founded an edtech startup that was featured in the list of ‘30 startups to watch’ by a leading tech media publication. Would this be a good evidence to submit?

For OC 1 Evidence 1, I’m planning to provide a self-written document that showcases my startup journey, including the idea, outcome, and sharing holding. Would this work as evidence of having a proven track record of innovation as a founder of a startup?

In OC 1 Evidence 2, I’m providing an interview published in a national daily about the edtech startup I founded. Do you think this would work?

In OC 1 Evidence 3, I’m providing the Company Incorporation Certificate, Articles of Association, and Trademark Registration Certificate to showcase the evidence of setting up a business. Since my company is pre-revenue or has little revenue as of now, would not giving audited financials suffice? Also, since the Articles of Association are 11 pages long, would it be acceptable to provide a screenshot of the first and last page and mention the different categories under which 88 articles are mentioned?

For OC 3 Evidence 1 and 2, I’m planning to provide documents that detail how I marketed a new digital product at a bank and its outcomes, along with supporting letters from colleagues. Would these be good evidences to submit?

Thank you for taking the time to review my application materials and providing your feedback. I appreciate your insights on the evidences I plan to submit. If you have any further suggestions or inputs, I would be happy to receive them.