Right Criteria for Hackathon Win

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I won a hackathon (AI for Good) organized by PwC and Microsoft on applications of AI back in 2020. I am a bit confused about which specific criteria shall I try to satisfy with this win during my GTV application.

Also, will this news article be enough as a piece of evidence or shall I try to get a support letter from PwC as an evidence?

You can use the evidence in mandatory criteria to demonstrate it’s a national or international recognised award which you could support with pictures, description of the project that won it, and article featuring the project/award.


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A clarification question please, if I want to use the news clipping, video of the event, and a letter from the organizing body as evidences, will those be three different pieces of evidence or one evidence?

They can all be put together as one evidence fitted into 3 pages all regarding this hackathon award.
A piece of evidence can be a collection of evidence that is well detailed and structured to convince assessors that you meet that specific criteria.

Remember to show how this evidence demonstrates your leadership in digital technology if being used to fulfill the mandatory criteria.

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Thanks so much for the guidance @May.

To show how this evidence demonstrates my leadership, do I need to provide some more details/evidence about the Hackathon itself?

@May @Francisca_Chiedu

There is only one such Hackathon that I won, shall I still mention this as evidence? As there is no track record of multiple such wins.

You can provide some relevant description about the Hackathon in relation to digital technology.

It’s fine to use one award as long as it demonstrates leadership in the sector.
I included one award in my application which met the national and international recognition criteria. I had other awards that didn’t fit the criteria so I left them out. Relevance is key in your application. There are other evidence in mandatory criteria that’ll sum up to show your track record of leadership.

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