Review of my submission for endorsement


  1. Founder of a Company AA
  2. Executive Director of Tech NGO AB
  3. Founder of a Tech Start-up AC

Mandatory Criteria (4 - Evidence)
Led the growth of an NGO by organizing a tech conference event that a brought representative of EMBASSY AA as Key Note Speaker, a representative from GOVERNMENT SECURITY AA & over 30 tech speakers.

  1. Letter of Reference from the ORGANIZATION AA about the conference
  2. Video Highlight/Evidence of the events, speech of EMBASSY AA representative, news Media capturing the events & recognizing me as the leader of the event.

Spoke at a conference about an innovative framework I developed & received an award of excellence for my contributions
3. Letter of Reference from the Head of Research ORGANIZATION AA about the framework
4. Video link to my speech, photos of me presenting & receiving my award, photo of the award.

Optional Criteria 2 (3 - Evidence)
Write Articles in National Weekly and daily Newspapers about tech, Speak at a conference with over 100participants, and make TV Appearances to discuss government tech policies with high viewership
5. Letter of Appreciation from ORGANIZATION BB, Event program with my schedule on it & photos of presentations.
6. Links to about 3 TV Appearances with viewership between 1,000 & 4,500
7. Screenshot of newspaper headline with dates, my name & photo as published. Links to online op-ed published and screenshots of emails from mentors acknowledging my articles. Photo of me delivering tech capacity training to GOVERNMENT SECURITY AA

Optional Criteria 3 (3 – Evidences)
I developed a Ransomware detection tool for COMPANY BB with a high impact and I developed a tech course for an ed-tech COMPANY CC with over 400 students enrolled.
8. Letter of Reference from COMPANY BB about the impact of the tool
9. Video Evidence of the tool functioning and Google Drive links to the documentation of the code
10. Google link to course raw media file, screenshot of Communication with COMPANY CC & other evidence about the course

Can anyone (@Francisca_Chiedu @May @deepak ) please help me review this to see if there is anything else I need to add to this if possible before I proceed with the submission?

Hi @Hamjaf - your application looks in good shape already.

Just one query. For 10, was this outside your immediate occupation? If yes, and if you are going to have this evidence stop at just the development of a course, then wouldn’t OC2 be better? If no, and you did it as part of your job, then suggest you show some metrics around it that contributed to its commercial success and let it remain in OC3.

Best of luck in your application.

Thank you @deepak for your reply.

As regards the evidence 10. It was a contract to my company but I developed it and can also give metric of students enrollment.

I decided to put it under oc3 because i have so much evidence in oc2.

Would you still recommend I put it under oc2 or oc3

Expecting your quick reply.


I don’t understand what you mean by you led the grow of an NGO by organising a tech conference. How did the conference drive growth? For the mandatory criteria, 1&2 is pretty much referring to the same evidence. Is the reference letter just about the framework? What other significant contribution did you make?
The award is still linked to the event you organised, is this a section recognised award?

OC2, looks good, are the evidence recent?.
5. Is the event a tech event with up to 100 people in attendance?
6. TV viewership of 1000-4500 is small, your figures may be wrong. I don’t know any TV station with that kind of low viewership
7. Don’t just put link to the op-ed, show a screen short or print the article, hopefully they are not recent articles.

OC3 -

Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu

So regarding MC evidence
The conference event I organized is different from the conference event I made presentation about my framework.
The conference i organized is a programme of the tech based NGO and through the conference we were able to establish partnership with corporate organizations, increase the membership of the ngo.
And for the conference event i spoke at, the award I received is recognized by the sector. So they are two different events.

Regarding OC2
5. Its a tech event with more than 100 attendees
6. The viewership I mentioned is only for their facebook page. Its a national tv & I cant quantify the actual live views
7. They are not recent. Published from 2020 to 2022. Although some of the links are nolonger available but i have a screenshot of the publication because its print media

one suggestion, don’t use the Google Drive link. They might not open it. If you want to showcase some documents, add them as one of the evidences

Hi @Hamjaf - as you say this was a contract to your company - so it remains in OC3 (because for an evidence to belong to OC2 it should be outside your immediate occupation)