Review my profile for Software Engineer

I am a software engineer with 10 years of experience currently working in London on Skilled worker visa

Here are the list of my documents:

MC →

  1. High Income
  2. Proof of Recognitions
  3. Public speaking
  4. Mentorship
  5. open source contributions

OC2 →

  1. Side projects (Two projects which were live in past but have been shut and made open source (Brief details are included))
  2. One aviation product which is live now with stats of playstore and appstore
  3. public speaking
  4. mentorship
  5. Open source contribution

OC3 →

  1. Employer A Technical contributions with detail impacts.
  2. Employer B technical contributions with detail impacts.
  3. Reference letter from employer A.
  4. I have the reference letter from employer B but I don’t have any space as I am already full with 10 docs now.

I am a bit confused about the new requirement which is
*Added requirement for at least 2 unique pieces of evidence per criteria.

Does it mean each criteria should have 2 unique documents along with some documents from other criteria?

I think you can use the same evidence for different criterias as long as they are meeting the requirement for both. Atleast this is what I understood from this guideline

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