Review my exceptional promise application

I would appreciate for and feedback on my profile as I’m going to submit my application for Tech nation Endorsement.

I have 4 years of experience as a software developer
I first started as a software developer on a product led company which work on interstate travels using GPS and google maps. I worked there for about 2 years

Am currently working for a consulting company so i am providing evidence from my previous role.

Category: Exceptional promise

Letter of Recommendations (all specifically mentioning my skillset, contribution and promise in tech with examples)

LoR from CEO/Founder of product-led company which is my previous company, speaking about my contribution to his company

LoR from CEO/Founder: A tech company in Lagos which is a software development company and game development company, I once had a contract with the company.

LoR from Programme manager: A Nonprofit tech company where I mentor in the UK. Where I teach refugees on how to code and I also mark homework


  1. Current employment salary showcasing that I earn more than average people in my country.

  2. Lines of codes and GitHub commit screenshots on a private repo on my previous role showing my contributions

  3. References letter from CEO/Founder to back it up.

OC2 (Recognition)

  • Nonprofit organization where I mentor with screenshots of homework marking on GitHub
  • Links to one of the classes I took on Zoom where I teach students how to code.
  • Reference letter from the organization.

OC3 (Contribution)

  • My GitHub profile showing my contributions to open source and my achievements
  • Links and screenshots of about three open source project i contributed on.

OC2 isn’t “recognition”, it’s more like “contributions to the field of digital techonology outside of your day-to-day work”; in which case the GitHub contributions to open source will be more suited under OC2.

OC3 is “impact”. What have you done as an employee/founder? What results did it yield?

Thanks @vincent_o2
What will mentorship fall under?

@May & @Francisca_Chiedu

Pls your feedback :pray:

LoR: Do you have other external experts outside people you have worked with in previous or current companies? People have been rejected on this ground recently.

MC: Your MC is not sufficient as there is a need for external recognition. How does private repo show leadership in the digital technology sector?

OC2: Is this nonprofit in digital technology sector?
All of your evidence is coming from the same organisation. It’s advisable to have more than one example in the event that all the evidence from this activity is rejected.