Review my eligibility for Exceptional Promise

Hi ,

I hope everyone is fine , I request the members here to have a look at my profile and suggest me if I’m eligible for exceptional promise endorsements.

I’m an 18 Y/O cybersecurity researcher and bug bounty hunter , I work with companies to find and report bugs in their systems and those companies award me bounties for each bug I report , most of the bug bounty programs are hosted on ,

I started working in bug bounties since I was 14 , I got acknowledged and here are some of my achievements :-

  • Recognised by top MNCs around the world , such as Apple , Google , Microsoft etc. for reporting vulnerabilities in systems
  • Mentioned by National/ International media multiple times to uncover data leaks in major companies at the age of 15
  • Gave a talk at India’s biggest security conference with over 800 attendees and have been the youngest person ever to give talk at that conference
  • Youngest bug bounty hunter to be mentioned on apple , google , Microsoft and multiple companies hall of fame
  • Written my own book about Ethical hacking at the age of 15
  • Participated in summer internship with Indian police
  • Multiple recognitions from 100+ companies
  • Been part of a cybersecurity startup aa their Executive board member
  • I actively mentor new comers through my social media handles such as Twitter or Linkedin

I personally believe the job I do is very impactful as we help every type of company/organisation or government to keep them secure and make most important role in keeping their user’s data safe.

I can also get LORs from top executives of some big Indian and international companies with whom I worked to help them find and resolve security vulnerabilities.

Please suggest me more evidence that I would need

Looking forward for your suggestions