Request review and input: Exceptional Talent or Promise category? Non-engineer profile

I am not sure whether to apply under the Exceptional Talent or Promise category. Putting her a summary of evidence and would love suggestions on whether this seems strong for Promise or Talent? Total years of work experience = 12 years across marketing, tech growth and strategy consulting, of which the past 2 years have been in big tech. Does this already make me ineligible for promise category?

I work in tech growth strategy and I am also an applied behaviour scientist and apply behaviour science strategies to technology growth and product usage.

Mandatory criteria

  • LORs from 1 Sr. Director at MAANG, Growth VP at bay area tech startup (ex MAANG leader), 1 CEO of edtech startup (well funded) that I work with for mentorship
  • Compensation letters (showing pay slips and feedback in annual review, showing exceeding expectations)
  • Personal statement

QUESTION - can i use the same evidence across OC and MC?

OC 2 - contribution beyond occupation

  • 2 articles published in a popular (1m+ monthly site visits) behaviour science website, where i write about tech + behaviour. science for product led growth
  • Evidence of taking classes as faculty on tech growth with an edtech startup in Asia (with ~150 live students, course accessed by 4k+ students async), with a link to recording and website screenshots promoting me as a mentor)
  • Online interview series where I shared career advice with an Indian career prep company (on tech start ups and such), my interview has ~30K+ YT views
  • Youtube videos on AI and Behaviour Science - i have ~1500 subscribers, this video has ~700 views (not v strong but unsure if i should include?)

OC 3 - significant contribution as an executive / employee

Projects managed at work demonstrating impact with examples such as

  • Designed a strategy for a B2B SaaS product, analysed book of business, conducted customer research, developed pilot program, unlocked ~5M ARR
  • Designed and tested product features that resulted in 40% lift in usage, across ~1m users etc.
  • Built and scaled a new ROI methodology to track impact of product development and commercialisation; rolled out across teams etc,

Dear @Francisca_Chiedu - would be very grateful to get your input! Appreciate the time you spend on the community and feel like the pattern recognition is invaluable here.

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You can’t use same evidence for MC and OC, the recent update states your evidence must be unique. Your OC2, when was the article published. The YouTube video of 700 views is not significant viewership.

Thanks! OC2 articles published this month so very recently. Understood about YT videos.

What’s your view on Promise vs Talent, as someone who has 12+ years of experience overall but only the last 2 years in tech