Request For Review: Exceptional Promise

Hi all! I’m a Digital Marketing Manager for a tech startup in Lagos, Nigeria. I am applying through the Exceptional Promise route and would want to ask for a review of my application.

Below is the evidence I have as of now, but I am open to any feedback and suggestions!

Letters of Recommendation

  1. CEO of my current company: This is from my current CEO and business leader, ex-big 4.
  2. Partner at a VC firm: He was my previous boss at one of the startups I worked at and is now a partner at a firm supporting early-stage investors.
  3. Founder of a tech talent company and ex-VC investor: He was the program director at a fellowship I was a part of.

Main Criteria

  1. Salary evidence from my current job and previous job as well as equity document showing a high salary for my current role.
  2. Proof of leading marketing efforts: Proof and messaging source document I created to show that I led the marketing of a flagship product with a global payments company. Will also attach the successes as well as news clippings from announcing the partnership where I am mentioned.
  3. Published pieces in notable media - Articles around marketing and technology published in various media outlets.

Optional Criteria 2 (OC2)

  1. Proof of mentorship on structured platforms, a Google program and just open to other junior marketers in the fields - Screenshots of emails, calendar invites, reviews from mentees as well as letters from bodies confirming that I was a mentor on their program
  2. Speaking opportunities on panel sessions about marketing - Proof of speaking at Social Media Week, and various marketing conferences and stating the number of attendees on these calls and promotional materials for the speaking session as well.
  3. Proof of moderating sessions for smaller communities done on social media or Zoom etc
  4. An op-ed or news article that exemplifies thought leadership.

Optional Criteria 3 (OC3)

  1. Evidence of a strategy built for business development that improved retention - Screenshots of Slack conversations of spearheading the conversation, documents that show planning, link to a personal story and the impact (a look at the retention rate over the past year indicating growth)
  2. Evidence of a tool built as an additional feature - Screenshots of Slack conversations, documents that show planning, links to a personal story and results from the initiative.
  3. A document signed by the COO of the business with internal screenshots of the user base, revenue and profitability and how marketing efforts have driven this growth over the years
  4. Letter from direct team lead detailing significant contribution towards commercial success, opportunities and more.

I have a few other criteria but not sure where to keep them

  1. Features or spotlight by a notable media outlet
  2. Any screenshots of work conversations(slack, email) ideations, feedback, your bosses congratulating you for work accomplished
  3. Analytics dashboard of new users/traffic acquisition/clicks, digital growth, leads generated etc

I’d appreciate any feedback or advice that I can get.

Thank you all for the help!

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@Francisca_Chiedu @Afolabi Can you please help?

Hi Steve,

Features on notable media outlets should be added to MC

OC3 requires demonstration of impact. I think you should strengthen your evidences more especially oc2 and 3.

You can go through the Technation guide for example of evidences to strengthen your application.

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Consider using some of your speaking evidence in MC if you’ve more than one high profile one.

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how recent are these articles?

The oldest is from 2020 and the most recent is this month.

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Thanks May! And thank you @Afolabi

you can’t use recent evidence