Request for reappeal support for stage 1


I applied on 26th April for Exceptional talent and got rejected on 16th June after 5 edits. Seems like my application is still checked and moved around internally. (last edit 3rd July).

I have made an error in applying for OC2 and OC3. I discussed with immigration lawyer and they suggested that I should have done OC1 and OC3. Now the evidence/application cannot be edited but I have an option to appeal. Note: I consulted with lawyer for reappeal primarily.

I got OC3 but got rejected for OC2 and MC.

Alternatively, open to suggestions if anyone knows any past precedence of changing OC criteria during re-appeal.

If you have bandwidth, please request to have a look as well. Looking for someone who can help me put together a re-appeal? Really thankful for support.

@Nacsoft Please have a look here. (added application below)

Link to application and result proforma - GTV – Google Drive

as fas a I know you can’t change the optional criteria or reintroduce new evidence in an appeal.

Look at your recommendation letter, if u consider reapplying.
All your letter came from just one place (People you work with). It was clearly stated there.

Feedback from the GTV:

Application summary

Product director with 8 years of product experience in India, Japan and the UK. Salary 126K GBP+ Stocks.

Letter of recommendation 1 - Chris Alvis
Letter of recommendation 2 - Ashish Pandey
Letter of recommendation 3 - Clayton Kjos
Evidence 1 - Letter of Employment
Evidence 2 - Speaker at product events
Evidence 3 - Trainer of Rakuten product management fundamentals course
Evidence 4- Speaker at Mind the Product’s Product Tank, London
Evidence 5- Rakuten Symworld Marketplace
Evidence 6- Rakuten Link - the super app
Evidence 7- Rakuten Ichiba - eCommerce
Evidence 9 - Letter of recommendation - Daniel
Evidence 10: High Bonus

All recommendation letters are from people I have worked in the past based in different geographies. One of the letter is from an ex-manager who is now a Director at Facebook. The recommendation letter requires it to be people you’ve worked in the past 5 years. I was working at the same company since.

Mostly, it highlights my experience working with super apps, AI/ML, Infra platform etc and my strong contribution for it’s success, monetarily or otherwise.

I am thinking of requesting to review on OC1 as well as OC3 is granted and all of the businesses are digital ones.

I am not sure though what I could say for MC. As per their feedback the salary or product tank talk is not the same caliber as an EC candidate?

@Francisca_Chiedu @bensonarafat @Dee_E @amm @Nacsoft Thank you for replying so far. I have disabled the link for the main application. Happy to reshare it on request email access. Can you please look at the above summary and suggest an appeal strategy?

Happy for any suggestions.

Hi Himanshi. After viewing your application, it’s clear you have amazing experience. But like the assessor said it feels like most of it is inhouse, making it not ‘industry leading’.

Tho I believe that if you reword and rearrange them, you stand a better chance. Getting endorsed on an appeal might be slim cos of your OC 1. I don’t feel it meets TN’s bar for innovation, plus it’s also a tough one to get. Trust me, I got rejected twice on it. But I’ll strongly suggest you still do an appeal as to get another assessors perspective.

But my suggestion is if you’re gonna do a new application, Outline your documents in a way it clearly shows an about, your contribution and most importantly, the impact .
I’ll suggest to also look at Oc2 and 3. Instead of Oc1.
Lastly you might need to have a few more documents that show external work, maybe in form of news media features that have your name or face on there, that’ll strengthen your MC