[reject-appeal-endorsed] Talent Promise-Business role experience share


I just got the endorsement for exceptional promise after I appeal. Thanks for your help very much, especially @Francisca_Chiedu @ask4jubad .

Here is my background:
I’m a game product manager, and I choose OC1 & OC3.

reference from my previous CTO;
reference from my previous Senior Global Director;
reference from the Lead of partnered company;
Media coverage on my innovative concept.

An detailed Introduction on my innovative concept
The prototype drawings of the product, especially the innovative part
The media coverage of my work on innovation
Reference from my partnered company

My product distribute evidence (on google play store, on game website)
Reference from my previous Senior Global Director, describing how I brought the profit and its amount

After I submit it, I got the rejection within 3 weeks, and then I appealed and got endorsement in 2 weeks.

The rejection reason I got:
-I applied Promise but they think I should be considered under the global talent because I wrote the Intern experience on my CV, which exceed 5 yrs. And apparently, I do not meet the talent criteria
-Reference people are not regarded as expert
-Reference letter is not enough for OC1

My appeal reason:


  • Intern experience is not full-time job, it is just a practice program, so I hope I can be revalued at the Promise route
    -My referrer is the highest position of his path in my previous company, and I emphasis their contribution on game industry.

OC1:Re-emphasized my other evidence, including prototype drawings and reports

My learning:
-If it’s not essential information, then don’t include it, such as internship experience
-Pay attention to the information you have already submitted and highlight them in your appeal

Hope it is useful, and good luck to everyone!



Good learning point. Congratulations @vv123

Big congratulations to you @vv123.

Glad that you found my inputs valuable. The collective intelligence on this forum is phenomenal, you would agree.

And I agree with the learning points that you have shared also.

Congratulations @vv123. Successful appeal inputs really help everyone way forward. I have submitted my appeal today. I would like to know if Home Office sends any confirmation email for receipt of review form? As i did not receive anything yet.

For the question, yes they did.
Good luck !


@vv123 i am glad you got endorsed. May I ask how long it took TN to get back to you on your appeal?

Congrats @vv123 !

Could you provide information on the content of this document - detailed Introduction on my innovative concept

I mean did you write a 3 page report describing your work?