Reference Letters - employer vs external


I am planing to submit the application.
Working at Google last 3.5 years.
Previously abroad.

The question:
I am not sure whether it makes sense to submit all 3 letters from managers at my current company.
Although it would be easier for me.
Or all three letters must be from people at a different companies?


I’ve read there’s been rejections in the past with the stated reason that the recommenders were from the same company. @Francisca_Chiedu

Personally 2 of my recommenders were from the same company (also FAANG in London) and the third was a Founder of a startup I worked at before moving to London, who has worked at many big companies at successful startups.

Perhaps a colleague from before your time at Google can recommend? (Ideally one with a strong CV and track record)

Thanks @yeshellohi!
That helps to know that having 2/3 letters issued by people at one company is OK.

Before Google means before UK, which i guess not ideal, even if the recommender is a a senior leader?.
Will check who else i can ask in the UK :wink:

BTW, any chance some knows what is going to happen with applications (submitted before March 31th), but still in progress on March 31th?

As long as the third recommender is a senior leader in technology, good CV, etc, I don’t think it’s so negative that they are not based in the UK. My third recommender wasn’t based in UK either.

Considering that most people applying for the endorsement are outside the UK and are applying to move to the UK, having 2 recommenders in the UK is more of a positive, rather than having one recommender be outside the UK being bad :slight_smile: Just make sure it’s within the 5 year mark, that they know your work for a period of 12 months minimum, and that they can articulate your experience and achievements, in the LoR, as well as your expected impact in the UK.

I don’t think anyone knows… I would say try to submit as soon as possible, but make sure you’re confident in the quality of the evidence submitted because who knows if the appeals process will be available beyond the 31st of March.

@Andrew_Feld-man I see no reason why they or you should care if the recommendor is from the UK or not, as long as they’re “different well-established individuals acknowledged as experts in the digital technology field”