Reference Letter Sign Certificate [Urgent]

Hello. I have a question. How to attach a Reference Letter Signature Certificate to the evidence?
My evidence is a 2-page reference letter merging with 1 page objective evidence (news clipping etc) to exactly 3 pages. If I attach the certificate/ log doc from HelloSign it would be 4 pages.

Option 1: give screenshot of the 2-page reference letter and attach a link of full pdf of reference letter( letter+ signature +log). Does it work?

Option 2: take sceenshot of all the pages of reference letter and log with IP, which makes a total of 4 pages

Option 3: merge reference letter and log with IP with objective evidence page, which makes 4 pages and it will edit the original pdf from HelloSign.

Please help. Thanks.

I had all my letters digitally signed via Docusign. As all my letters were at the 3 page maximum, I did not attach the certificate from Docusign. Docusign adds an envelope ID and e-signature to the document, so it was sufficient without th additional certificat.

Thanks. Can I merge the reference letter signed with other documents to make a new pdf? I think in the forum people said that signed document cannot be merged, it will count as editing signed doc. But I have also seen people talking about doing merge stuff or giving screenshots of signed docs.

Thanks. Can I merge the reference letter signed with other documents to make a new pdf?

I can’t tell you, unfortunately. I would assume it’s not an issue, but I don’t know. I can only share my experience as a successful candidate.

OK. Thank you very much! Do you merge the CV with the letter first and then send it for signature?

Personally, I did not attached their CVs or a printout of their LinkedIn. All my reccommenders included a paragraph or so in their letters overviewing their background, and then input a link to their Linkedin below their signature.

OK. Thank you. Do you use your own Docusign Account and send the letter via email for signature?