Reference Letter for speaking at high-profile events

Hi in the mandatory criteria, there is one example of evidence: " You have evidence of speaking at high-profile digital technology sector events, or specialist events for your particular field in the digital technology sector, as evidenced by reference letter(s) from leading industry expert(s) describing your work, or as evidenced by news clippings or similar evidence (including event size/attendance estimates where possible)."

I was invited to speak at a workshop at a high-profile conference together with experts in my field (like a professor at ETH or a research scientist at Nvidia). I have the email of the organizer inviting me and also the website of the workshop. Unfortunately, they didn’t upload videos on the Youtube so i cannot show viewship. Do I still need a reference letter from the organizer confirming I am speaking and if yes, what will be main focus? Does the organizer need to write how he knew me and say why he thinks i am an expert in the field? Thanks!

Hello @Ke_Wang, I want to share some info that could be useful for you.

When I ask for rec letters for events I tried to include *what is the event, *why am I invited, *it’s link with tech sector. They have concerns about if it’s a sponsored event by your company, if this is the case they tend to not find it supportive, you should underline that they have invited you based on your expertise and you are not talking about your daily job or work you have done but sharing your expertise with the sector.

I have included other keynote speakers at the event to make sure they understand the importance and recognition of the event, this could be helpful for your case, you could include other well known industry leads that join the workshop or conference.


You can get a reference letter to support your claims

The letter should address why you were considered as a talent to speak in such a high profile event.

That is very helpful, thank you so much!