Refer Same Document in OC1 and OC3

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Can I attach the same document or link any document from any other OC?
My documents are the same for OC1 and OC3 so should I attach the same documents for both of them?


cc: @Francisca_Chiedu

You should have separate files for your OC1 and OC3. Each of them will need to demonstrate how you meet the criteria of Innovation (OC1) and significant contribution (OC3) with quantifiable metrics.

Please note that the term ‘significant contribution’ in this criteria requires you to demonstrate impact, not necessarily innovation. This is different from Optional Criteria 1 where you are required to demonstrate high levels of innovation, not necessarily impact. If these are your chosen criteria then your evidence should clearly demonstrate this differentiation. Submitting the same evidence for both criteria may not be sufficient if it does not meet these different requirements.
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