Recommendation query (Recco from a fellow student)

I am a Data Scientist with 15+ years in the industry and applying for the Tech nation Visa. I am doing my Masters in Analytics right now and one of the student (VP, Engineering at Chase) with whom I have done projects has agreed to recommend me.

Is it okay to have such college acquaintance as recommenders?


Hi, if he is currently VP (assuming he is still serving) and he is not personal acquaintance then why not.


Thanks a lot @happysoul.

he has to have worked with you and be able to talk about your work specifically and should be with a digital tech firm.

He is at Chase enginnering and VP of machine learning model imppementations… so that’s good.
Regarding working with me, we work together on school projects mostly and he can vouch for my skills from that aspect… would that be fine?

i don’t believe that would help. I recall reading the letters should talk about your work in the last 5 years. Please read up the guide