Recommendation Letters


I am gathering documents for my application so I want to know if I can get three recommendation letters from the same company, the CEO, the co-founder and their former CTO of the same company.

Is it applicable to get a recommendation letter from a former staff of the company


From the Technation visa guide, they state that it should be different organizations.

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Thanks for the clarification
Please can the letters of support come from digital tech companies that you have worked with in the past but they are not product led.

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You can always provide letter from someone who is the senior member of a company! You can submit up to 10 pieces of evidence, so there is no harm in providing more recoms.

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Thanks for the feedback

Hello All,

Hello All,
Anyone can share any sample recommendation/ reference letter used for Global Talent Visa - Exceptional talent category? . ( of-course masking anything confidential)
Would appreciate !


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It is not advisable to do. Best to have people external to your organization validate that you are a leader or potential leader.