Recommendation Letters Queries


I am from cybersecurity background and have 16 years of market experience.

I have some queries regarding Recommendation letters:

  1. Can I get recommendation letter from Regional Manager (Trend Micro) of two asian countries who has Cybersecurity Sale background?

  2. Is it necessary to get this letter from the person who working in Big company like PWC, etc.?

  3. Is it necessary to get this letter from the C-level category person like CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, CSO, CISO, CRO, etc or Senior or director level person also acceptable?

  4. Can I get this letter from the Director of big public company who has IT Audit, Risk & Data Analytics experience?

  5. Can I get this letter from the Country Manager of Multi-national company who has telecommunication management and telecommunications networks experiences?

Thank you.

Can anyone please assist me regarding my queries above?

Thank you so much for your support.

Those all around like the right type of people, with enough authority/experience, but it will come down to their experience working with you. The TN website says that you need to have letters from people who have worked closely with you, and can speak to your abilities on a first-hand basis.

Thanks @derek.h for clarification.

Hi @derek.h,

Could you point us to the technation document where it says that?
My understanding is (and on a query, TN helpdesk confirmed me) that the people recommending you have to be
(1) familiar with your work/contribution
(2) an expert/authority in the field of recommendation

e.g. I am getting a letter from an International Professor who have cited my publications in his research, explaining how it is important in the field. But I don’t have a first-hand working experience with that Prof.

Do you think there is a disconnect here?

Thanks for your help!