Recommendation letters doubts

Hello everyone!
I’m working on my case as a Promising Talent and currently connecting my colleagues on 3 required recommendation letters, but I have couple of questions. I have several options to choose from, it would be great if someone could pick best of them. And if some of them are irrelevant - it would be great to know it on the early stage.

  1. Senior Engineering Manager from Google - we’ve been working with him for a start-up, so he knows my work. He is well-known, he actually the very first version of mobile YouTube (he was engineering manager on the project), so he is well-known in the community and very respectable. But i doubt if senior engineering manager is suitable, or do I need C-level?
  2. Senior Software Engineer from Jaguar Land Rover - we’ve met in the local comunity and he knows my work, but we haven’t worked for the same company. He knows about my activities outside my occupation and he can tell a lot of good things about me. He is widely known in the local community (Belarus), and he is working for UK company (is it an advantage?). But, again, I don’t know if Senior Software Engineer is suitable.
  3. CTO of international product-led company (game industry) I’ve been working for
  4. CEO of international product-led company I currently work for - I’m going to use his recommendation letter as one of the evidences, is it ok to reuse the same letter for evidance and as one of 3 required recommendation letters?
  5. CEO of a small product-led company in Belarus I’ve been working for - I doubt if small company’s CEO is sufficient as a recommendation
  6. Head of talent acquisition of international product-led company I’ve been working for - now she left IT and works as a psychologist, is this recommendation fits?
  7. CEO and Co-founder of one of the best IT-schools in my country I’ve been working for as a teacher - I wanted to use his letter as one of the evidences, but maybe I can reuse it as one of 3 required letters?
  8. I have few more C-level friends from my community : they know my work, we’ve been working on community together, but is it necessary to work on the same company or just write in the letter “how the person knows me”?

I will be very grateful for your help and if you could tell what are the best 3 of them.

3,4 and 5may be suitable. You don’t have to use only people you have worked with, other leaders in your sector who know your work can recommend you. It’s important to get external recommendations from people outside your work.

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@Francisca_Chiedu Thank you very much for the reply!

I believe you should definitely consider the engineering manager at Google to be one of your three. If they can write a strong recommendation, that will boost your chances. Doesn’t have to be C-level since he’s a very senior member of the organisation. And it’s Google lol.

Also, please read the guide. Reference letters can be used as evidence but must be from someone different (same organisation is allowed).

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Hi Francisca, let me clarify one point. Would It not be okay to get a reference letter from a senior person who I am working with currently? (who knows my work directly)

do you mean recommendation letter? or addition reference letter

I meant recommendation letter