Recommendation letter - letter issued 1 year ago

Hi all,
I was meant to make my application last year but encountered some delays in finances. Is there a rule against using recommendation letters that were issued 1year?
Does the recommendation letter fall under the 5year rule or it has to be current?
Your response will be highly appreciated.

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to my knowledge, letters shouldnt be older than 3 months. I personally, agreed to get back to my recommenders when its closer time of my application to date the letters.

others may have other views.

best of luck


I’d back that view. You should aim to limit any possible ‘reason to reject’ as much as possible. If you’re close to your recommenders, I’d definitely suggest you reach out to them to sign again with a new date.


Thank you for your response and wishing me well, I have reached out to recommenders requesting them to sign again with a new date.