Recommendation letter guide

Hello. I am new here and I would like to commend the TN team for putting this together. I have read through some of the discussions and they have been quite informative and helpful

I am at a stage whereby I am trying to put all my evidences together

I am a Co-Founder and CMO at a Tech company, and I have a background in digital marketing

I have gotten three references and there was a part in the Visa Guide which states: Come with the author’s CV (or other proof of their credentials that the endorsing body will accept)

My question is that what other proof of credentials does the endorsing body accept ?

Thank you.

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If the author has a LinkedIn profile that should serve. In addition to including the link to the author’s profile, you may also chose to have the author’s “about” section (if detailed enough) from LinkedIn as part of the letter.

Please note this is based on my personal experience. I don’t work for or represent TN.

Thanks for this @westside :pray:t5:

Hello @amusu_olukayode
i will definitely advise on minimising the risks to the minimum when submitting your application.

i agree its not written in the guide what credentials accepted, therefore, i think it would be much better attaching their CV to avoid any risks.

I am not an expert myself and other colleagues may have different view

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Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate @Maya

In my opinion, other examples could be proof of company ownership (through certificate of incorporation) showing their names and shares

I’ll advise you use LinkedIn. But before using LinkedIn
Go to the authors profile and see if it is strong (especially his connections preferably 400+) and the profile is well detailed.

If the LinkedIn profile is not remarkably rich.
Then I’d advice you attach a summarised CV (probably 3pages) of the author to his letter.

In my case, one of my recommenders’ CV was 10 pages. Making 13 pages in total.

I had to check his LinkedIn to see if it was up to date.
Then I begged him to please edit the letter to include his profile link. Thereby making the pages 3 (rather than 13)

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Thanks @Yusuf_Adebanjo I am grateful.

@Yusuf_Adebanjo Did you get the endorsement with this?

No, not yet.
I’m putting my applications together as well

My comment is based on my understanding of the TN guide and the pattern I’ve seen that worked for people here

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