Recommendation letter for founder

As I am the founder of my own company, i struggle to think of suitable people who can write a recommendation letter for me.

For those who applied as an entrepreneur or founder, who did you get to write the recommendation letter?

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I applied as a founder and I have many people have interacted with in the tech ecosystem, so it wasn’t difficult getting people to write recommendations. Unless you are an early-stage founder and never worked for a company then you may struggle. Ask people in your sector who know your work to recommend you. Your previous employer and senior people you have worked with on a project could write your LOR.

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I’m a founder of a B2B SaaS Company and planning my 3 LoRs as below -

  1. Co-Founder of the largest client of my company: He can talk about my innovation in the product and impact to the industry
  2. My Advisor/Mentor, who is the Co-Founder and CTO of one of the largest FinTech companies in my country: He will talk about my leadership skills, ability to innovate, etc.
  3. Partner of the Investment Group who lead our recent Financing round: He will talk about his conviction in our business, and why he feels I can lead the companies expansion in the UK

1 more option I am keeping on standby is a LoR from the Director of Technology of a very large consulting company in my industry, who is our sales partner. He can attest to innovation in our product and why it would be useful to the UK.

Hope this is useful!

I think the first two are OK. Is the partner of the investment group an expert in your field, it may fly but I would use someone who can speak to my work beyond the fundraising. The other option, avoid using consulting company.

Thanks for your inputs Francisca - I’ll think it over!