Recommendation from 3 different people who worked in the same company

I am planning to get recommendations from 3 different people who were my managers in the same company but at different points in time. Currently, they all work at different companies (Google, and 2 other startups).

My question is: will it be acceptable if I get recommendations from the 3 of them? The thing is that I have worked for REALLY long at just one org where I worked for nearly 5 years, hence, all my 3 recommendations are going to be based on my work in that org. Do you think that would be acceptable?

Thank you for your help!

It will be better if your recommendations are from different companies or industry leaders from outside the companies you have worked for.

Yes, right now they all work in different companies & they are higher-ups (VP & above) - do you think that’ll work? Thank you for responding :slight_smile:

The idea is really that you get people in your industry (especially beyond your work place), to speak to your work. Having 3 people who knew you as ex-colleagues might be a challenge; and it doesn’t matter that they now work in different companies now.

How has your work and career contributed significantly to your industry? And which industry leader can attest to that? What you need to show is industry recognition. I hope this helps.

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@cosmic.wilderness I agree with @Gbemiga_Adelola ! more diverse letter the better it will be. Industry recognition is the key

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