Reco letter and CV as separate documents?

Hi all,

I am planning to submit 2 page CV for each of my 3 recommenders. Do I need to combine the letter+CV (3 + 2= 5 pages) into a single pdf? Or would there be options to upload the CVs separately?

@Bubun I combined CV with letter of 2 of my referees using PDF merger and it worked for me. My 3rd referee added his linkedin link on the bottom of letter. Make sure the document does not exceed 3 pages.

Hi @zamana,
Thanks! But my understanding is the document can be upto (3 for letter + 2 for the CV = ) 5 pages.

Others, please let me know what you did.

I was lucky enough that all of my letters were of 1 page and CV was 2 pages. If your referees have linkedin then better ask them to put their link on the bottom. Else you have to shrink either letter or CV or both.

Its also clearly stated on Tech Nation website that

  • The evidence you supply to demonstrate you meet the Eligibility Criteria must consist of no more than ten documents in total, with each piece of evidence/document of no more than three A4 sides in length. Each document represents a single piece of evidence. For evidence that would exceed the page limit, please only include the most important aspects, e.g. key terms of employment for an employment contract.

If your question relates to the CVs of the referees not self, then it is best to use up the 3 pages for all of it, and to restrict it within 3 pages. If you are running out of space (say your CV is 2 pages), then give a short summary of the referee on the 3rd page and add a link to their detailed CV. The link could either be something public (like a LinkedIn profile) or something private that you have put together and shared through dropbox, google-drive or something of that sort.