Reason for coming to the UK / how will the UK benefit

For my personal statement, what are they looking for in these two questions?

My main reason for wanting to come to the UK is a quality of life improvement over what I currently have in the US. I want to live somewhere walkable. Is it okay to say that, or does my reason for wanting to come to the UK have to be tech related?

For how I will contribute outside of my 9 to 5 job should I mention any of these:

  • I’m a director in a startup (in addition to my day job) but we’re pre-revenue. It’s possible me going to the UK could mean additional clients and since I head up the front end department additional jobs in the UK. But nothing for sure.

  • Continued speaking at conferences and user groups (I’m not sure if that’s assumed?)

  • I volunteer with a couple of non profits here in the states that help the physically disabled. My volunteering is not tech related, but I’ve noticed an area where a mobile app could help these organizations. I’ve thought of creating it as open source project. Would it help my application and personal statement if I built this, got a few organizations here using it, and then said I wanted to get organizations in the UK using it as well? This is all true, but it would bring in no revenue so I’m not sure Tech Nation cares. It is something I want to do, but it’s a project I’ve but on the back burner for a while.

Hi there, Your reason for coming to the UK can be either to start a tech business, expand an existing tech business, or take up a tech-based job. How will the UK benefit? Definitely, mentorship and giving back are very important so yes, your speaking and conferences will be key. I will not advise you to add any volunteering that is not related to your tech profile.

Good luck on your application

Thank you @sodiqotijani , this is very helpful

To tell that you’re going to go in the uk then job hunt might sound weird? What’s your thought

It depends on how that is structured; obviously, you can not expressly state that you are coming to the UK to JOb hunt. Remember, your task is to demonstrate how you are exceptional and why the UK technology ecosystem will benefit from your work. as long as you can prove expertise and, in most cases, also prove that your skills are in demand in the UK ( Job openings), then you are good to go

Your PS needs to tell why the UK interests you and your career and how you intend to add more value to the digital sector in the UK whether it’s for entrepreneurship, volunteering or speaking at events.

I’d definitely add this in. I had something similar. I tied the stuff I am doing with my volunteering (not related to tech) and how I plan to improve that volunteering experience by building this new tech that I have in mind. It’s not all about revenue but impact.