Reality Check on the Tech Nation Visa

Having researched about the Tech Nation Visa, I have found solely benefits and good things about it. Are there downsides to the visa? Are there any challenges or sorts? I somewhat think it cannot just be solely green all the way.

Global Talent Visa is amongst the most desirable if you feel like the UK is for you. It allows complete freedom of occupation (or lack thereof) as well as very favorable terms towards ILR and citizenship.

I would say that there are only two barriers that I would highlight:

  • Importance of evidence and necessity to prove one’s leadership talent/promise + wait times for vignette from the Home Office (can be months)
  • Payment of the NHS surcharge and visa fees which, depending on the duration, can reach 5-10 thousand USD

Otherwise, if the UK is where you would like to be with it’s culture, quality of live and cost of living, it’s pretty much a perfect visa

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Thank you for your response.

In addition to what @MNeverOff shared, you also need to spend 6 month yearly in the U to be qualified for settlement.

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Oh ok, that’s great. I can do that.