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Dear All ,

I am planning to apply global talent visa - uk , Please rate my profile , tell me how chance i will get approval for UK Talent visa


• Total 17+ years of experience in Research,Architect, Solution Design,Developing inArtificial Intelligence, MachineLearning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Data Lake, Data Governance, Cyber Security areas.
• 8+ Years’ experience as a Data Scientist/Enterprise Solution Architect in different complex project in Banking,Financial, Media and Telecom Domains.
• 7+ onsite experience at various location such as USA(Dallas, Chicago and Network) , Europe(Finland , Denmark , Sweden, UK), Australia and Asia(Indonesia)
• Currently working as Senior Data Scientistat Commonwealth Bank of Australia through TCS
• Working as Mentorer for KreSIT , Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay from 2009
• Published 25 Research/Call for chapters/conference papers in national and international conferences/journals
• Worked as a Scientific Officer for Tata Institute Fundamental Research (TIFR) from March 2003 to August 2006.
• PhD(Philosophy of Doctorate) application selected by 5 guides in Australia including (UTS , University of Sydney , La Trobe University , Canberra University , New Castle University etc.).
• Implemented Complex projects for Enterprise client such as Commonwealth Bank of Australia , Foxtel , Bank of America , HSBC, Duetsche Bank , WinTrust , Bank Bukopin , British Telecom etc
• Implementation of Machine Learning , Data Science algorithms for various business use cases including Data on-boarding, Analytics and data delivery in batch and real time mode with help of Big Data (Cloudera , Hortonworks) and Cloud (AWS , Azure and Google Cloud Platform)
• Having good domain knowledge in Anti Money Laundering , Financial Crime, Customer 360 degree , Credit card management using machine and deep learning algorithms

• Having very good experience in Analytics tools like Altris , Digital Reasoning , Attavio, Global ID ,Development using Python , Spark and ETL tools like Pentaho and Talend
• Working as Reviewer/TPC for 10+ International Research Journals for Scopus , IGI and Springer publication in various research domain
• Had a collaboration with all academia professionals in India , Malesiya and UK
• Working SME/Industry advisor/Trainer for 6+ Engineering colleges in INDIA.
• Holds 6 certification in Data Science and cloud computing domain
• Received 34 awards from various projects and industry in total 17+ career Journey
• International Speaker for various conference (USA , UK, Australia and India)
• Trained 10000+ students and 500+ faculties in India , UK by conducting workshop/seminars in Data Science , Machine Learning and Cloud computing

Your profile looks good. But the visa will depend how you put these things in documents including references and other documents.

All the best.


Thanks for documents , I submitted following documents to endorsement team

  1. CV
  • Awards

Project description and benefits

Speak invitations list

Research Paper list


Association with industry and Academia


Recommendation Letters (11)


I would suggest to check the tech nations website for exact documents that you need as the criteria changes ever year or 6 month. But if it satisfy the documents criteria mentioned in the tech nations website then it should all be good and you are good to apply.

Wishing you all the best @deepak5278.

I hope you got your endorsement?

Incase you have not submitted, If you have had some recognition i(/name mentions) in your national newspapers, I will suggest you add it.

Also do you absolutely need all 11 recommendation letters ? Or are there other evidences (preferably not self generated) you can use?

Note: This is not immigration or visa advice. I only share my perspective / experience.