Rate my profile for exceptional promise


I have done textile engineering for my bachelor’s and masters in international business and management from UK. For my masters I had received a commonwealth scholarship.

I have 3 years of experience in data analytics in non digital led companies and 2 years of work experience in digital led company as a senior data scientist.

For mandatory criteria, I have led a deployment of a new client in to our company and did it successfully. I led a team of junior data scientists and data engineers.

I also contributed towards creating a propensity pipeline up from scratch which got us great results

I am currently leading two other deployments, I have also written codes to innovate the current processes

I have also won a kaggle competition and I have kaggle notebook expert badge.

I am not a mentor, I have never held talks in universities

Potential letter of recommendations:

  1. Chief of data officer from my current organization

  2. VP data science of a start up in US

  3. VP data science R&D axiom UK

They all know my work well. I’m just overwhelmed because I can see other applicants have much of a stronger case for example patents, awards etc

@Francisca_Chiedu can you help

Can you list the evidence you plan to submit for the mandatory and two optional criteria?