Rate my profile (Cloud) Stage 1 Talent

Hello everyone,

I intend to apply for the Global Talent Visa - Exceptional Talent.

I’m a DevOps engineer and total 8 year of system administrator experience with 3 year of Cloud and devops with Cloud certification including AWS and Azure.

Along with my work,

Before applying, I want you to rate my profile and suggest if I had to strengthen my evidence.

Personal Statement

About my plans to launch my own Devops company in future.

CV + LinkedIn profile

Recommendation Letters

1- As I am AWS community builder so our Community builder manager will provide the recommendation letter

2- From my previous employer .

3- From My current employer .

Beside this

  • I write blog about cloud on medium.
  • Will share the github repo

Should I proceed or not ? thank you in advance.

You should not proceed if that is all you have. From what you provided, I am afraid that your application is not strong at all for Exceptional Talent (or even a promising talent route), and it will be quickly rejected.

What role of the recommenders in your Recommendation letter?
How much impact/contribution on your blog on medium or GitHub repo?
What are the 10 pieces of evidence you are supplying for Mandatory and Optional criteria?

I suggest you look at the guideline https://technation.io/visa-tech-nation-visa-guide/#document-checklist and make sure you read through it thoroughly for you to prepare your documents. This visa type is very content-based and they will be assessed under the strict guidelines provided.