Rate my Application - Exceptional Talent - Cybersecurity

Please rate my application:

Currently Employed with UK’s Largest Software Company (Product Led Company) as Cybersecurity Architect, based in London - Skilled Worker Visa Sponsored by Company - Been in UK for 3 Years.

Previously worked for Fortune 500 Companies in Middle East. Overall experience 12 Years in Industry.

In process of founding a Cybersecurity Automation Platform with endorsement from 6 Customer using the MVP.

3 Letter of Recommendation:

  1. CTO Fortune 500 Company
  2. CISO at my Previous Employer
  3. CTO at Bank in London

Personal Statement : Notable Achievements, Academic Background and Passion of Technopreneurship.

Mandatory Criteria:
Evidence of 3x Public Speaking in conferences
Evidence of 1x Publication for Government Entity
Evidence of Founding a Cybersecurity Product Company with original product idea and few customers using the platform. Successfully raised funds by angel investors to develop the product.

what evidence do you have for the optional criteria

In addition, i can provide evidence for the capital funding raised for my startup amount at USD 250,000 in seed round.

you could do that but there are many applicants who have raised more than this. It doesn’t hurt adding it.