Quick question on formatting the evidences

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to prepare the evidences in a format that’s authentic and easy to read for the assessors, couple quick questions that will be very helpful to have advice on:

  • the contract I plan to use are 20+pages long (same as most people’s I think) and the compensation sections are scattered through 5 pages as well. Would it still seem authentic if I only include snippets of the contract? Alternatively I have an email from the HR which summarised the package, would that be better to use it compared to using the legal document?
  • similarly, I want to include the LinkedIn profiles of my recommenders but the downloaded versions are always 4-5 pages long. Would it still be okay combine them with the LOR?
  • I want to add highlights/underscores in some wordy documents/tech dashboard to steer the assessors’s attention. Is that acceptable?

Any advice is much appreciated!

For your salary contract just fit the key parts into three pages. You can cover the PDF to image and use landscape to paste two documents per page.

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