Questions regarding evidence descriptions

Hello! I have a few questions regarding evidence. If anyone has advice it would be greatly appreciated!

  1. How long does the description need to be when providing evidence? For example, if I spoke at a conference and provide screenshots of the agenda and link to website can I include a brief description on the topic and audience (maybe a paragraph) or does this need to be quite detailed filling up an entire page?
  2. Can evidence include a note from my CEO regarding revenue numbers that I can contributed to?

Thank you! Much appreciated!

Hi there,

  1. There are no specific rules for describing your pieces of evidence but a few paragraphs will suffice. Imagine if you were to review a whole page of text versus a well-written, concise description and a photo to back it up.

  2. A recommendation or letter of attestation from your CEO can stand as evidence as long as it meets the criteria set; one of the criteria is that the CEO cannot be your direct manager.

I hope I answered your questions.

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Thank you! I did not realize the CEO could not be your direct manager. Where would I find that information? I do not see it in the guide.

Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation.

“Please note that ‘leading industry experts’ excludes roles listed as unsuitable in the Typical Applicants section of the guidance (for example, managers at Outsourcing or Consultancy firms etc.). Evidence of recognition, such as Reference Letters, provided by an immediate colleague, manager, or friend are not sufficient.”