Questions for Exceptional Talent (as a Senior Executive)

I had some questions:

Question 1

Under OP1 - Innovation, one of the evidences required here is mentioned as:

  • Evidence for each business should include your last set of audited accounts, projections for current financial year and articles of association.

Is this only if you’re a founder of a company or even if you’re a senior executive (say Head of Marketing) of the company? Seems rather excessive for a senior employee, right?

Question 2

For OP-3 (Significant contributions/impact)

Here they have emphasized that please provide more than one piece of evidence. Now is it ok to put across multiple pieces of evidence in the same document?

For example:

  • Impact for Company A DOCUMENT 1 (High Salary + Letter from Company)
  • Impact for Company A DOCUMENT 2 (evidence of growth via board meeting ppt and KPIs impacted, internal CRMs, external press)

As you can observe, in Document 1, I am actually putting together 2 different evidences (salary + letter from company). Is that ok?

OP1 Head of marketing cannot use those document as you he/she is not the founder or owner of the company

(salary + letter from company). Is that ok? Yes very OK

People working I. Startups are likely to have such information. Founders who know about the global talent program often willing to allow employees show the documents. Some noloyess also have access to growth/revenue documents.

Can a non-founder present the document. I also want to ask, is it possible to use a news clipping or article less than a month prior to application?

I don’t understand your question. It is not advisable to use news clippings close to the time of your application.