Questions about Exceptional Promise route


I have been looking into the Global Talent Visa Digital Technology route and have been noticing something that I am wondering if anyone can help me out with. I would be considered an Exceptional Promise candidate instead of an Exceptional Talent candidate due to my lack of year of experience.

What I have noticed is that when I am looking for information on the visa, I see only information that would be relevant to the Talent portion of application instead of the Promise portion. I am roughly able to see how the information will translate between the two. I am just curious if there are any solid information solely regarding the Promise route or if I am just to translate on the information from the Talent portion to the Promise portion.

A side note, if I have been working for my own company as a Web Developer how can I go about getting 3 solid recommendations when my current recommendations are from companies or individual clients who are not in the digital technology sector and my education is in Physics not Computer Science.

Thank you in advance.