Question for those who picked up their BRP

Hello, this is a question for those who have successfully moved to the UK and picked up their BRP card.

With the Global Talent visa, did your BRP include a NINO? Or did you have to contact HMRC to receive one?


Mine didn’t and I have to apply for a new BRP that will contain NINO. You may read online how to apply for NINO and unfortunately I found UK’s govt. related work very slow and old fashioned. You need to print a form then fill it with a PEN and then send them via mail along with black & white photocopies of your passport, visa and current BRP. Like seriously? When this process could easily have been online.They will then book an appointment (within 16 weeks) and then you need to visit them for further process. I send them mail last week and still awaiting any confirmation.

Hey @zamana!
How did it work out eventually?
Did you collect the new BRP?
I thought we just need to get NINO separately from BRP.
Also - Can I use a temporary address when I apply to get the NINO or they will need to send something to that address after 4 months?

also @derek.h, did you find out what to do?

Hey, follow up. The BRP does not include a NINO, you apparently have to apply for one separately. In my case, I was previously in the UK (years ago now) and as I learned you have a NINO for life, so in my case this wasn’t an issue.