Question about mandatory criteria

Hi all! I have a question about mandatory vs optional criteria. For exceptional talent, I see in the guide that you need to meet ONE of the mandatory criteria:

Meet one mandatory and two optional “Exceptional Talent” criteria in the table below

For example, is showing salary above average enough? Or should I add more documents to reinforce the mandatory criteria, e.g. publications, public speaking, etc.

Thanks in advance

Sometimes 1 evidence may not be as strong enough to meet the criteria, so we always suggest everyone include 2-3 evidence per criteria for the best shot and backups. Tech Nation allows you to include 10 pieces of evidence. Maximum of 1000 words and maximum of 3 pages from each piece of evidence. That is a lot of space, and you should leverage those spaces.

For the evidence you asked for, here are my suggestions.

I trust that you are adding the industry benchmark from a trusted source to your salary document. On top of the salary-related document, you may add any other things which help to demonstrate that you are a leader, for example, different salary documents showing that your salary has increased significantly for some reasons you may explain, an organization chart showing the team you led, or colleagues level, etc. Which, sometimes you may include all these in 1 evidence only. It is totally up to you how you structure it.

For public speaking, please ensure that it is at high-profile digital technology sector events or specialist events. A recommendation letter to support your evidence is also a good idea to have.

For publications, please ensure that they are Published material in professional or major trade publications or major media about the applicant related to the applicant’s work in the digital technology sector

The detail is as per Tech Nation guidelines though. If you have more specific details, please share. If I can help, I will.


Meeting the mandatory criteria is by the combination of various piece of evidence that demonstrate a track record of leadership.
As you have up to 10 piece of evidence, you could decide to present 4 pieces of evidence as mandatory, 3 as optional 1, and 3 as optional 2, or any other combination that provides a sufficient mix of evidence to meet all the criteria.


Thank you so much for your responses, super helpful.

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