Query regarding QC-1

Hi all,
Can anyone help in understanding my doubt regarding QC-1
This criteria seems to deal mainly with business related proofs (Saying by the examples they have mentioned in the technation website). However they have given an example on employment contract and about an employee working in new digital field or concept. I have highlighted my doubt in the image below and also have asked the doubts below, hope I am clear enough.

Any idea on what they mean by “include any bonus and equity options” and any idea on how many months of earnings should a candidate show in " history of earnings"
For “employee working on a new digital field or concept” they have asked to clearly demonstrate it by giving example of providing a patent application- what I don’t understand is the very phrase “provide patent application” any idea on how can one provide patent application even he has worked on a google verified patent (will a screenshot of patent along with the mention of its ID suffice with other proofs like screenshots of news stating’s about it in videos or should I need to provide links of the video along with screenshots of news stating’s.)
Just to be clear I am not confusing the example with the separate sentence in the image I have attached, I know they are different and I am treating it as such.

Please bear with me and help…
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Hi Moi,

My understanding of OC1 is that you need to provide evidence that you have been involved in product or business innovation. You evidence should clearly demonstrate your involvement in the innovation.


Hi @lassy , I understand that but any idea on how a person can provide a patent application (What do they mean her by saying “provide patent application”…

Hi Moi,
From my knowledge, it takes a while to get a patent application granted so, I believe what Tech Nation is saying is that you can provide as an evidence, your patent application that you have filed if you have any.

I hope this helps.


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Any suggestions or ideas regarding this…
I’m sorry to tag you all and disturb you guys, I have no choice but clarify my doubts from the experts.
Please help and thanks for your generosity in advance…

If your employment offers bonus or equity options as part of remuneration, you should add it in the “bonus and equity options” section. If not, then skip it. This isn’t really that complicated. Ask your HR if in doubt.

History of earning is purposefully vague. If you are relatively new to industry, you might only be able to show a few months. In my case, I showed earnings history at my current employment through a letter from HR that showed how much I make and how many years I have been employed, leaving the rest as implied.

Screenshot of patent with the ID (so they can independently verify) should be enough.

Many thanks…@Shreeniwas_Iyer
It cleared a lot of things.
I intend to provide news stating’s like someone interviewing the founder regarding the new concept or the government officials talking about it to support my claim that I have worked in a new digital concept. So my question is: I have two to three news stating’s of such and I intend to provide screenshot of them, providing a link to those videos along with each screenshot suffice…?

Is it mandatory that I should provide more than one evidence under each selected criteria…?

No one can tell you whether something will suffice or not. That’s for the TechNation panel to decide. This looks like a good start.

You have 10 evidences to give you. If you have only one evidence per selected criteria, either you will end up with too few evidences or with an extreme imbalance of evidences (1 in one category and upto 9 in another). While nowhere does it mention that a certain number of evidences are mandatory, you should use your judgement in deciding how much evidence supports your case.

You have to understand @Moi that a lot of the TechNation criteria is kept vague to allow more candidates to apply. However, that means you have to apply your judgement in the application.

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Thanks, I appreciate the help…

I agree with @Shreeniwas_Iyer entirely. I’d also consider adding some recommendation letter from the employer showcasing your technical contribution, like:

  1. Lead the development of an important initiative, which allowed…
  2. Was in charge of the architecture decisions, which helped…

About the recommendation letter from employer that I provide in evidences, should it be in the same format as the original 3 recommendation letters…like the points that are given there to be covered, authors CV and all other things…?

I think it can be in a different format. It can concentrate on the impact they feel you have made, obviously be written by someone fairly high.

@Alex_P Understood… just one doubt though, I know the letters weigh more if they are from a CEO,CTO or Founder but does a Head of DDaT of a company fall under the same category…? (Taking in account for basic recommendation letter as well as for letters in evidences)

Also can a letter be written by a former colleague who is a CEO of his own start-up, if yes then what can he mention in the letter Eg: Their experience on working with me on how I contributed, led or made impact and it should also mention about what I have achieved (should it be in brief or in detail?) after parting ways till date right?

I’d say - it should be alright (for both questions), but please bear in mind that I am not a lawyer so it is not a legal advice

@Alex_P @Shreeniwas_Iyer Many thanks…Just trying to get some advice from the experts around here
thanks for clarifying doubts on this…
I have other doubts that I ought to ask in a separate post so please bear with me and help me understand things in the best way you people can… :innocent:


@Shreeniwas_Iyer @Alex_P @steven4320555
It just occurred to me…that QC-1 proven track record for innovation as an employee working in new digital field or concept. As I had mentioned I had worked in patent acquired product but it was outside my immediate occupation, will there be any problem if I show evidence of this under QC-1?. I ask this because I believe there is a reason they have given examples under each criteria as to how evidence can be even though they have mentioned the examples are exhaustive I ought to follow those as much as I can and they have not mentioned anything about outside immediate occupation under this criteria…

I think this should be alright. For example, they consider open-source contribution (which might as well be outside of immediate occupation) as a feasible evidence for the QC-1.

That being said it is an area where they may as well consider this as a problem. I’d suggest speaking with Global Talent -knowledgable legal advisers (feel free to DM me if you need a recommendation about it)

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