Promise rejection review [lots of misjudgement]

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Don’t expect TN to open the external link or online drive, since they state that they will read only your 10 evidence max. Why don’t you snapshot those and add them to your evidence with the explanation of the page? You may leave the link as a reference.

Perhaps you may try to add evidence to demonstrate your leadership which creates an impact and results in the achievement. Adding more details from LOR to strengthen your award may help on this.

You can mostly try to point out to specific file names and paragraph numbers for TN to re-read. Try not to explain in too many words.

Hope this helps @Sam_F

Thanks you so much Alex!

I did put screenshots in the file and links are only for supporting evidence. (ex: some of my media coverage is not in ENG and it’s a bit impossible to include translation of the full length article…so I put an extra link saying to see the full translation of the article please click HERE etc. Then TN said I didn’t provide translation for my evidence… )

LOR- my referrer did mention about I led the project to win the award (multiple referrers) but TN questions the authenticity of my letters, which is unbelievable to me because it’s my 3rd my application and my recommenders have been writing and signing the letters IN PERSON all the time. I haven’t encountered such issues in my previous attempts… Not sure how I can persuade TN these letters are real…

Update: Got my endorsement after the appeal (from rejections on all 3 criteria…)


That’s great, this looks like a genuine case for meriting an endorsement unlike some who submit obviously lacking applications.


Reading their rejection, I strongly doubted anybody could convince them to change their mind.

But you did it. :partying_face:

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Congratulations. Thankfully you didn’t give up.