Promise Rejection - Help me with my Review

Hi everyone,

I applied for the Promise route as a Software Engineer with 4 years of experience. I currently work as a Software Engineer at Meta UK and I’m on a 1-year contract role. I will love to know if I have a chance to submit appeal for this case.

Here is a summary of my application:

  1. I applied on March 15, 2023
  2. Received the Rejection on April 14 - Got rejected for all criteria

Evidences Submitted:


  • High Earning at Meta (Currently on a 1-year contract)
  • Impact at a Product Led Company 1 where I led a team of Frontend engineers to ship a product (I spent 1 year + here on a Contract Role)
  • Reference letter from the Co-founder at Product Led Company 1 above
  • High Earning proof for 2 product led companies when I was in Nigeria
  • Technical writing on my Hashnode blog - 7 different tech articles with a total of 7380 views since April 2021


  • Technical writing on my Hashnode blog - 7 different tech articles with a total of 7380 views since April 2021
  • Mentoring on ADPlist
  • Github Contribution


  • Impact at a Product Led Company 1 - Used same in MC
  • High Earning at Meta - Used the same as in MC

From what I can see, I was mostly rejected because most of my roles in the past have been contract roles. But I have still worked as a full-time staff in these contract roles and it wasn’t through any third party or consultancy company.

Do I have a chance a appealing this?

cc: @Francisca_Chiedu

It appears you didn’t read the tech nation guide, there is a note about contracting, outsourcing and consultants not being eligible for endorsement. As a developer what mentorship were you offering on ADPList?

I was mentoring newbies on ADPList to help them grow in their career

I’m sorry that you were rejected :frowning:

The feedback given by TN is pretty clear so I’m not sure if an appeal will help you. Also, it seems most successful cases have 3 pieces of unique evidence per criteria but your OC3 doesn’t have any evidence which isn’t already used elsewhere in your application. As Francisca mentioned, you may have a hard time getting the Visa with contracting roles.

Can I ask how long you had to wait from submitting your application to receiving a response?

Thanks for your response. I waited exactly a month. The timeline is also written in the post above

I’m not sure if there is a strong basis for appeal. My advice would be to spend some time building up your profile before reapplying, especially since there have been updates to the guidelines that require unique evidence for each criterion. You have reused a lot of your evidence in your Optional criteria.