Profile review request: Exceptional Promise, digital marketing

Hello everyone! I’ve been in a read-only for a while, and decided to request a review from the amazing community for my profile too.

Application: exceptional promise, digital marketing – growth of digital product-lead companies


  • CEO of the company I’ve been working for for the past four years, explaining my results & impact on the growth of the company
    – CMO of the company I’ve worked (not consulted) for during the last year, explaining my results & impact on product growth as well
    – Chief Branding Officer of a big IT company from my country, explaining my industry impact + my results that are possible to validate from external sources (we didn’t work together directly), also supporting my OC2 since he’s a specialist in what I’m building my OC2 around


  • overall doc on the growth of my main employer’s company that is generated by marketing processes that I lead w. proof and mentions of the company as a key market player, MC, OC3
  • a doc on a product launch that led my employer to be recognised as one of the top software providers in the industry + get a big chunk of global market share, MC, OC3
  • a doc on another product launch with a very quick result turnaround, high ROI & outside recognition, MC, OC3
  • a doc on MRR growth for my second employer that was generated through marketing channels, way higher than the SaaS industry average, with benchmark comparison, etc., MC, OC3
  • Salary + bonus documents, comparison to average salary for my country in my industry (I’m 15% over the top-10% of the market)., MC
  • opinion leadership doc with a webinar (almost 100,000 views) and two articles I’ve published, OC 2
  • mentoring doc with three letters from my mentees (CEOs/Founders of digital product-led companies) and my mentoring profiles overview, OC2
  • a course that I’ve helped to build as an invited external expert for one of the biggest EdTechs in my country of origin, with a gratitude letter from the platform and a course overview, OC2
  • two public lectures - one for a gaming company, one for university students studying marketing, OC2

What do you think?

What kind of evidence you have for the external events ?
Photos ? Videos ? Online link ? And news clipping ?
These are very key , endorsing body expects easy verifiable online source.

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public recording for the webinar with open view count, for the course I’ve helped to build I’ve also included similar web statistics for the course page + EdTech website provider as well to show its size, and all my mentoring profiles are public with open links to them

Then good.Also I see your MC bit weak.
Do you have any high tech physical conference with 150-200 minimum head count , webinar alone might not be strong enough.
Also make sure you get a RL letter for this conference from a leader who attended the conference how it benefited all and the impact of your knowledge to the viewers.
At least one media coverage for your event or project would get you 100% on MC.Sane applies for OC2.

Basically MC and OC2 outside contribution with proof by news cut or media coverage evidence would make it strong.

Your OC3 looks good.(just submit one company award for OC3) .Just order properly you can get through you have good chance .All the best.

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I don’t have any speaking engagements apart from the webinar, but I hoped that a significant viewership would cover for it with my webinar recording, but thank you for the comment!

I do have many external media coverage about the growth of the company I’ve attributed to though, and it’s all included into the evidence documents.

Thanks for the feedback!

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