Postponing BRP collection date

Posting it in other sub-forums, just in case someone can provide any guidance.

Hi folks, I need some advice here.

My BRP collection date expires in a few weeks from now. I am currently in USA. My plan was to make a quick trip to UK, collect the BRP, come back to US, wrap things here in a couple months, and move to UK for good. However, currently there are lots of travel restrictions when you want to come back to US. Also, I need to get my H1B extension stamped at UK in order to get back to USA.

So, my question is, is there a way to defer the BRP collection date. Has anybody done it here? Could you please share any info, either from your experiences, or from any relevant documentation?

Thanks in advance!


I can’t find anything on deferring the collection date. Only that the post office will keep it for 60 days and that you can nominate someone to pick it up for you. Here’s the government advice link. Hope it helps.