Please will these be accepted for OC2(Mentorship outside work)

As a recent mentor on these platforms and, will a screenshot of my profile on these platforms and maybe a zoom call screenshot while mentoring a newbie be acceptable as optional criteria 2 (Evidence of mentorship outside work)?

Hello Yomi,

I think you can present a letter if you were appointed as a mentor by those platforms. From other members’ feedback i have seen on this forum, they often query the period of mentorship and the impact you made on your mentees. For example, if you mentor on those platforms for a year and have some success stories to show for it. It could be a valide and strong evidence for your application

Thanks, @Afolabi, frankly I joined not so long ago like a couple of weeks ago, so right now I don’t have much evidence in the criteria other than volunteer mentoring for a non-profit organization that is not so popular and starting out my initiative like 2 years ago.

Sorry this is me because discourse won’t allow me reply after a certain number.

Also @Afolabi just other concerns I have are:

  1. Must my recommendation letters be from leaders in a product-led company, I don’t know if a recommendation letter from the co-founder of a skill development & job marketplace platform for young African talents will work, where I was a web instructor for over a year(though this is a commercial firm not like a volunteering experience)?
  2. Also this particular mandatory criterion below, can my work with a non-profit about 4/5 years ago be used, during my time I worked on some interfaces for the non-profit finance tech app as well as my feedback to colleagues and how I suggested ideas to the co-founder of the non-founder:

You led the growth of a non-profit organization or social enterprise with a specific focus on the digital technology sector, as evidenced by reference letter(s) from leading industry expert(s) describing your work, or as evidenced by news clippings or similar evidence.

  1. Can I use submit two pieces of evidence using the same company but with different content that is tailored toward the title of evidence?

Yes, 4/5years ago is still within the range TechNation will accept.

Thanks for your response.
Hi Afolabi, how about this part, is this okay?

Can I also use salary from my previous place of work as my current work isn’t a product-led company?