[PLEASE URGENT] Choosing Categories for my Evidences

Hi Everyone,

I need assistance about choosing the categories for my evidences. I will apply today, I made a plan in my mind, but not sure that i matched the right categories. Will be applying for Exceptional Talent, finTech Developer.

MC Evidences;

  • Salary amount letter from my employee, includes that i got bonus payments 3 times this year.

  • I found a critical security vulnerability in a very big tech Company’s cloud systems and reported them to fix it. Explanation, mailings between company and news links worldwide.

  • In my previous company, i designed an IT project. This project brought high income to the company, explanation - reference letter + yearly income chart.

OC 2

  • My stackoverflow profile, being a mentor in free bootcamp programs, some non profit events i participated to inform people + reference letters for these.

OC 3

  • 3 different evidences includes projects i did in my previous & current company, how it positively effected the workload of employees, increased profits & customers.


  • I’m one of the founders of a blockchain based game application. Explanation of the app & some code screens. This month’s marketcap screen of our game’s crypto token etc. But its not a company, its a game platform.

  • My Master’s degree transcrypt, course certificated i got.

  • Explanation of all my evidences, Who are the LOR authors, who are the companies i worked with, how big they are, and some other necessary explanations about projects etc.

Hi @discover,

Have you already applied?

If you’re not applying for OC4 (Research) and don’t have a distinction, there’s no place for Masters degree certificate/transcript. Certifications may not be strong evidence for the application.