Please review my exceptional promise application documents as I prepare to apply

Hi all,
Help me review my documents to see if I get everything right.

Little thing about me. Software engineer with 4 years of experience.
My first work experience was in 2019 when I worked in a product-led company to build a product car-hailing.
Second work experience worked on edtech company
Now I am working for a consultancy company.

Letters of recommendations
LOR 1: The CEO of a company who knows me and my work spoke about my work when I was in the car-hailing company
LOR 2: COO of a tech company that works on eProcurement and commerce solutions.
LOR3: CEO of a tech company I work with as a contract job.


  1. Worked for a product-led company, Edtech company, discussing the product I worked on with lines of code from public repo and a reference letter from the CEO
  2. Salary evidence from my current job and previous job
  3. Product-led company car-hailing with a reference letter from the CEO, lines of code from a private repo


  1. Mentored in a non-profitable organization that helps refugees in the UK to code and land a tech job.
    a) Reference letter from the programme manager.
    b) the Agreement letter i received when I joined.
    c) Based on the policy agreements, video recordings can’t be shared outside the organization. So I can show slack messages and homework reviews on GitHub. (volunteers do access student homework )

  2. My Github profile shows my continuous contributions, achievements, repos, and others. Also, some open-source projects I contributed on.


  1. Salary Contract from the edtech I worked for.
  2. Reference letter from another person in the organization talking about my impact int the product I work on.
  3. my GitHub contribution showing my contribution to the product

One question I want to ask.
Am I converting my salary amount to pounds, and how can I do that
Thank you

@Francisca_Chiedu @Maryam @alexnk :pray: :pray:

@bensonarafat Here are my comments:


  • Don’t just show the activity/word you have done. You will need to demonstrate that you are the promising leader in the field.
  • Salary will need to be benchmarked with the industry standard to show that you are far more than average range.


  • Seems alright, just ensure on the detail to match the high expectation, such as, being mentor in a structured program, non-paid work, and etc which you can find in the Tech Nation guideline.


  • I don’t see your own evidence to show that your impact from your contribution. Try not to rely on LOR. LOR will only support your evidence and connect your story together. Your Github seems a but off from this OC3 criterion.

Just simply use any foreign exchange in the market. Just pick today’s exchange rate and simply add the information in a blanket. For example: “*the salary was 100,000 USD annually. *
(approximately 81,140 GBP)”.

I hope this helps

Alright. Thanks for your help