Please review my documents for Stage 1

Hello all, Please confirm if the following evidences are good enough. Here’s what I have presented as documents

Recommendation letters

  1. Director from my existing Company
  2. Executive Director from one of the top Investment banks in Zurich - I had worked with him on few innovation projects
  3. Managing Director of a product-based company


  1. Recognition letter from a founder of an NGO describing the work I had done in the development of the website dashboard
  2. Reference letter for leading a product growth describing the innovation
  3. Evidence for leading product growth - provided was flow diagrams, a certificate awarded for innovation by the company
  4. Evidence for participating in Tech Talks


  1. University mentoring 1- letter of appreciation from the university letterhead and related evidence (invitation letter, flyers, certificate issued)
  2. University mentoring 2 - letter of appreciation from the university letterhead and related evidence ( Certificate of recognition awarded )
  3. 121 Mentoring on a popular online platform and speaking at a popular alumni event


  1. Significant contribution to developing a platform in the existing company which had a huge impact - shared architecture diagram
  2. Significant contribution to the regulatory program which had a huge impact and a supporting letter from a senior director in the company describing my contribution
  3. Proof of employment, salary, and evidence supporting the high-rated employee in the organization.
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looking strong application to get endorsed if the documentation and the evidence are gathered properly. All the best .Please submit it before March 31st.

Also on OC3 makes sure you submit some award or certification provided in the company to prove your work and the company salary letter supporting your work. Otherwise all good.

Thank you for your advice. I do have certificates received for the innovation and a picture of the award received which is added to the OC3. Hope that should be ok?

yes will do also please have supporting HR letter stating your salary is incremented as the effort of your work.

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this is very key in MC how many participants was there ? and do you have media coverage for the same ? and what was your role ? you must be key note speaker ( and supporting letter you need to get one of the leader who participated in the same event).This one evidence will get through your MC 100%.

Yes key note speaker on digital transformation. Don’t have letter of recommendation however added invitation letter and event picture and picture of speaker badge received are added as evidence. more than 100 participants added as can also be seen by the event pictures added.

We don’t get such letter from the HR however have added screen shots of performance rating which is the top rating in the company.

You mandatory criteria are mostly reference letters so you need to provide additional evidence that shows you have been recognised as a leader.

Hi, I have added the architecture diagram and the process flow for the dashboard developed and implemented for NGO. For product growth, I have also added the flow diagram, and tool set up structure diagram. For tech talk, the event invitation and pictures, and presentations are shared. Is that ok or need to add something more?

What is the evidence for the tech talk, is it a section leading event with over 100 people on attendance?

Few digital technology events where I was the keynote speaker. The evidence attached are the event picture, invitation email, more than 100 participants attended the tech summit.

what was your final set of 10 documents and when did you submit ?
Are you in UK with Tier2 Visa ? ( if yes then high chance of getting positive).

I have submitted outside of UK

Me too waiting lets hope for positive results.